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Why are Rents and Home prices skyrocketing?

Property Management Blog
Rents in NJ and across the whole country are up. It seems like there are simply more people that want to rent a home then there are homes available. But why?The answer is simply supply and demand.Supply: Every decade since 1950, ... read more >>

Are you Relocating?

Are you Relocating?
It seems like everyone is relocating lately – maybe it’s the result of new career opportunity, a promotion or maybe you are changing companies altogether. COVID has created a situation where many companies are realloca... read more >>

5 Tips for keeping your tenant LONGER

Do you own a rental property as an investment? Do you manage the property yourself? One thing many owners don’t realize is the high cost to losing a good tenant. It can easily cost you more than two months of rent every ti... read more >>

8 tips for rental property spring maintenance

Property Management Blog
It's spring and it's a great time for some maintenance around your home or your rental home. Here are a few small tips that can make a big difference:Roof - Its common for dead tree branches to fall during winter. Be sure ... read more >>

5 Tips if you are Buying a Rental Property

Are you considering buying an investment home and renting it out?  Rental homes are in short supply so demand is very high.  What should you look for when you purchase a rental home? Here are 5 quick tips that might help... read more >>

COVID UPDATE: 7 Tips If Your Tenant is Not Paying Rent

Property Management Blog
Are you a Real Estate Agent that is helping your client manage a rental property?  Has the tenant stopped paying rent because of something related to COVID?  Maybe the tenant had their hours cut or they have lo... read more >>

Why Hire a Property Manager

Sureway Property Management manages over 500 homes in the area.  Are you managing your own rental property now?  We give you three reasons why to hire a property manager.  Contact us today, you will be glad you did. read more >>

How to Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal

We manage over 500 Rental homes. One of the more common issues tenants have is a jammed sink disposal. This one-minute video can help if you your disposal is jammed. read more >>

How to Change Your Furnace Filter

Keeping up with maintenance is a big part of property management. This short video shows you the basic steps in changing your furnace filter. read more >>
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